Clarifying Misconceptions About Political Terminologies

19/02/2021 68 Views

By Afolabi Akinola

I had carefully observed in recent times the erroneous usage of political terminologies in contrary to the context negating the meaning in its content and semantics.

Truly speaking, ACTIVISM is not the same thing as HOOLIGANISM. Activism is mostly engaged by educated people for a just vision and mission statement. An Activist pursue his her action with intellectualism against oppression. The likes of late Chief Gani Fawehinmi ,Late Dr Beko Ransom Kuti ,A professor of Comparative Literature, Wole Soyinka, Late Environmental Activist and Novelist, Ken Saro Wiwa and many others.HOOLIGANISM are mostly engaged by THUGS .Sometimes political thugs.Those who are raw materials for political violence. They are capable of making peaceful protest turn violence or hijacked for looting and mayhem.

There is also a misconception of PEOPLE and ELECTORATES.You can be a Nigerian and still not be eligible to vote in Nigeria. By law, if you are below 18 years. Sovereignty belongs to the people, agreed, but not everyone is an electorate. An ELECTORATE is someone who is qualified to vote ,who genuinely armed him or herself with PVC, that is, permanent voters card.A Nigerian or a group of qualified people without PVC are not eligible voters.The word Nigerian or citizen of any country is not an automatic ticket to vote.Someone who lives in United State of America without SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER cannot vote.Your presence as an individual or a group in any polling unit without PVC has no value.It amounts to nothingness in presence, a mere physical exercise, that cannot effect franchise decision. A blind person with PVC is better than someone who sees clearly without PVC on election day.

There is a distinction between a POLITICIAN and a DEMOCRAT. While i agree that every human being is a political animal philosophically, every human being is not a DEMOCRAT. Democracy by Abraham Lincoln definition , is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It becomes sweet with the ingredients of THE RULE OF LAW. Supremacy of the law,Equality before the law and Fundermental Human Right. A POLITICIAN is someone, who sees politics as a means to power and in power. A politician is not a POLITICAL SCIENTISTS. Although there are politicians, who studied political science. A political scientist is fully informed in the theories and philosophy of power by university education. The former INEC Chairman, Attahiru Jega,is a professor of Political Economy. So you can be a political scientist without being a politician and you can also be a politician without being a political scientist but we are all political animal by the nature of man

THE GOVERNING CLASS are those in power from councillorship to presidency. State House of Assembly to National and political appointees but THE RULING CLASS are those we normally referred to as godfathers and those who owns the means of production. The powerful bourgeoisie. They have the means to sponsor candidate and finance election. Karl Marx, a German Socialist thinker says THE STATE IS AN INSTRUMENTS OF THE RULING CLASS. The Governing class and Ruling class agrees easily and the masses are their raw materials.

Summarily , a DEMOCRAT is someone who pursues and ensures the advocacy of dividends of democracy is at the door step of everyone. If a leader is elected and he is a democrat in mindset ,he or she ensures resources are equitably distributed. But a greedy politician will not. An electorate with PURCHASED conscience elects according to stomach infrastructure but conscience PVC choose with his or her franchise of mental infrastructure. The power of choice stems from the mind. The GOVERNMENT is not the GOVERNED. Government is an institution while the governed are the people who puts them in power through PVC.

The only way dividends of democracy can be realistic is ,if the governed put the right government in place.Unless the right thing is done the right thing can never be achieved. Vote with wisdom!


Yours sincerely,


Afolabi Akinola

Chairman NAGDS 

Lagos State Chapter

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