Erica's Disqualification from BBN: Finding Your Peace

08/09/2020 277 Views

By Tinuola Olaniyi Odina

As Humans that we are, mistakes are an  essential part of our growth.
In order for man to rise he must fall. In order for man to succeed he must fail. It is how the order of things are. 

I don't have any rigth to judge, or call out a person no matter how bad he or she behaved or what should have been done, because the truth is I am not better. I have my own demons and I have no idea of how I am going to act if I walk in that same shoe.

My point is to Erica is MOVE ON!!!!!!!. Moving on is not going to be easy because you are going to be dealing with trolls, hateful remarks, some will turn it into jokes, songs and what have you. There would be some people from your circle who are going to rob it on your face, some people will constantly remind you of your mistakes.  It's going to be worse for you because you are now a public figure, everybody is going to be watching your next move. It is all part of the process take it in, learn from it, and find your peace amidst this. 
If you need to stay away from your phone and the media do so. If you need to go away for sometime after your media rounds do so. 

See a therapist if you need to. Surround yourself with people who genuinely love you. Learn Emotional intelligence.Accept who you are. You are human with your own flaws and strength understand that and grow. Find your peace, it is only it that will keep you stable in face of all this chaos. 
Let me finish this by saying "The glory is not in rising, but rising each time you fall". You go dey all right

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