HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UNILAG RADIO 103.1 - The first campus station in Nigeria is 16 years

15/12/2020 45 Views

By Afolabi Akinola

Writing my success story without travelling through the horizon of Unilag Radio world would be a disservice to my scholarship.Congratulations to Unilag Radio and the staff whose professionalism despite the challenges confronting her performances has made a distinction out of nothingness to somethingness. The reputation of the station has become achievable because of various professionals as pilots that has helped in navigating for recognition


Travelling through the memory lane without any voice of equivocation, I am highly indebted to those I have worked with as colleagues and external stakeholders that has identified with the station for patronage. The reputation and brand of excellence of the station has made me good ambassador at several fora, including the famous Journalist Hangout of Television continental and fourth Estate of the realm.I have travelled through the minds of eminent scholars and oracles of the gift of gab and pen in flying the brand of the station beyond the shore of Nigeria. I am highly indebted to wonderful first among equals that I had worked with from Mrs Olabisi King Paul ,to our erudite Dr Abiodun Ogidan and most compellingly irrefutable university don ,the Jagaban of Africa Media in global representation at the World Council of Journalism, Professor Ralph Akinfeleye.who undoubtedly, a man of contacts and pedigree . Highly unforgettable was his usage of surgical by pass on the famous birth of Unilag Television, the first again in Nigeria.


Irrefutably asserting, Unilag Radio has produced achievers.It has externalise the voice of University of Lagos ivory Tower beyond the four walls of university of Lagos. Several personalities has echoed their voice as a guest.Several Vice Chancellors. The late Ambassador Segun Olusola,I had brought Hon Adefunmilayo Tejuosho.The present Minister ,Festus Keyamo ,Agatha Amatha and so many local and foreign official has spoken. The station has carved a niche for accommodating,inviting and interviewing the big and the mighty in Nigeria. The station will forever remember Dayo Elushakin,Tommy B, SKILLS, Victor Nwaneri,our own Yolanda and the unforgettable Edward Piper, Kamal, Olaoluwa Ogundele known as prodigy, our own Oladimeji Lamu, who brought fame and reputation to the station. These pilots and many others has navigated and still navigating the Aeroplane of Unilag Radio ambassadors Condolences to the bereaved families of the departed Comedian Ajibade Oyemade and may his soul rest in perfect peace.

Summarily essential, it will be a big relief to celebrate more years in independent and purpose built location as experienced in other university in Nigeria to promote her brand of identity of location. Congratulations to this wonderful station at 16 and by the Grace of God there will be a better year ahead because however cloudy the weather is nothing can stop the sun of the station from shinning.

Yours sincerely

Afolabi Akinola

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