Hope deferred

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The events of the last few days dampened my spirit. 
I remember telling a Nigerian I met on Friday that I was going to join the protest on Saturday, here in Paris. He gave me this knowing look. There was admiration, hope, pain, sadness, and concern. I noted this while I yapped about how important it was for us as Nigerian Youths to take a stand, to make a call for action, and to be part of building a better Nigeria. A place where we are proud to call home. 
"The issues of Nigeria could make one depressed" he replied after my three minutes passionate speech. 
"Well, hold placards for two" he added. 
Further discussions revealed a form of disconnect with the happenings at home.
At the time, I was taken aback. I could not understand why someone so young, vibrant, and intelligent seemed so disinterested in the politicking of his fatherland. 

Following the events of Tuesday night, 20th October 2020, and the response of the Government, I really cannot blame him for building up this wall on all things Nigerian Government. I am sure there is a story to it; I hope to hear it one day. 

In the meantime, I can only say I now understand his statement - "The issues of Nigeria could make one depressed". 
I am a Nigerian, not residing in Nigeria currently, I have not lost any direct family member to the menace of our security or healthcare system; yet my heart has been heavy since the events of October 20th night. It feels like I know these people personally. It feels like I am out of breath, as I read the stories or watch those videos. 
Shutting off the internet and watching movies could not alleviate my situation, as I cannot find my contagious laughter even while watching my favorite sit-com "Friends". 

I am mentally and physically exhausted, and I wish we could relive Tuesday without the gory event of the night.  
I sit here in front of my television this Thursday evening. I am hoping this address from the President will take this pain away.

8:15 pm Thursday, 22 October 2020. The president is done giving his address and my body feels limb.


I still want to keep hope alive for Nigeria, but even the good book says "Hope deferred makes the heart sick..."


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Don’t despair. Keep hope alive. It shall come pass and very shortly.
By -

Don’t despair. Keep hope alive. It shall come pass and very shortly.
By -

Nigeria will be great. It is just a phase and I know it will pass
By - Ola