How punctuation marks can improve your life and relationship with people

21/05/2021 72 Views

By Jonah Sunday

📌 Start with the QUESTION MARK: Always ask questions. Don't let pride or fear stop you from asking questions. You don't know it all. The more you ask, the more you know. Your life will be full of mistakes if you don't ask questions. The one who asks is wiser than the one who doesn't.

📌 Then use the FULL STOP: Have boundaries. Have core values by which you live your life. Have principles. Let your relationships be guided by certain standards. Put boundaries where they are supposed to be, and let them remain that way. Build relationships based on standards and core values. 

📌 Then use the EXCLAMATION MARK: Create happy moments. Laugh out loud. Do things that make you happy. Have fun. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the moment. And when anyone crosses their boundaries, call them back. Correct people when and where you should, and be firm.

📌 Then use the COMMA, DASH, APOSTROPHE, and SEMICOLON: Learn to simplify things in your life and relationships. Connect things together to help understanding. Avoid complications as much as possible. Make your tasks easy. Break down your goals and dreams. Choose clarity over ambiguity. The easier it is, the better.

📌 Then use the COLON, BRACKETS, BRACES, and PARENTHESES: Avoid assumptions. Explain things when and where you should. Don't assume people understand what you mean. You owe people explanations at some points. Let your words and actions be transparent. Don't be predictable, but don't be complicated. Explain.

📌 Then use the HYPHEN: Partnership will make life easier for you. You can't do life alone. You need people. Two are better than one. A threefold cord cannot easily be broken. You're not strong enough; ask for help. Collaborate with others. Build alliances. Join forces together with others. That's how success happens faster.

📌 Then use the QUOTATION MARKS: Learn to give people credit for their contributions to your life. Life is not all about you. Acknowledge people on your way up or down. There's no self-made man anywhere; people must be involved in your success. Acknowledge people. And avoid plagiarism.

📌 Then use the ELLIPSES: Always know that whatever point you are, there's always something in between and ahead. Things are not always as they appear most times. Sometimes the more you you look, the less you see. Don't be quick to jump to conclusion. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Agree that you can't know everything.

Stay humble.

~ Surgeon.

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