Kola Olabisi: The Portrait of a Modern-Day Slave

25/11/2020 128 Views

By Olaniyi Odina

Wednesday 25 November 2020 started by 3 AM for me as always. I checked up the chats I have missed on social media and observed a huge number of former slaves that were in the camp of Aregbesola that turned logic on its head in supporting policies some of us considered insane like the state of Osun, Uniform school uniform for the entire state, parliamentary system in LGAs and other policies that prepared Osun for the mockery it is right now are insulting their God of yesterday. I was incensed by the double-faced hypocrisy of thsee animals in borrowed human robes. How they could have misled Argebe into believing that his sick policies are the best thing to have happened after Sunday rice and coke and now using the samething to fight the man is sickening.  

I put up a simple prayer for these enemies of our dear state and slaves of unimaginable proportion “Anybody that ever supported Aregbesola’s rascality when he was governor

That ever buried common sense to support the State of Osun, Uniform school Uniform, Parliamentary system in LGA now insulting Aregbesola may Sango Olu ko so oko oya and Ogun get approval from God to pay you a visit.

May they forever be misled as they misled Aregbesola.” (End of quote.)  I knew it was only a matter of time for slaves the prayers are targeted at to respond like bee-stung madmen. I got one response that shock the core of my belief that elders have sense. That response came from the one slave of Epic proportion Kola Olabisi the sacked and disgraced MD of Osun Defender. The same man tasked with the responsibility of defending Aregbesola’s rascality that has ported to licking the ass of the current governor responded with the vilest and most senseless comment, I have read in recent years read him: “Methink it's someone whose dad is battling with a protracted life-threatening disease like stroke that needs more prayers than curses!  Such a person shd also pray for a meaningful source of livelihood and God's grace to be employable instead of constantly using chop money to buy data and turn himself to a mere social media political tiger.” (End of quote)

For those who know me very well I don’t take such senselessness and indiscretions especially when they are coming from an elderly clown that ordinarily should have sense. My investigation revealed the disgraced former MD of Osun Defender must be a product of leaking condom to bring one of the finest soldiers in Nigeria’s history to such public discussions when he is living his quiet and private life without interfering with public life whatsoever to such a public discussion. I have given a brief profile of my father which I also challenge the disgraced MD of Osun Defender to produce the profile of the sperm donor that sired him. My responses:

“My father is a proud member of NA SSC course 26, with Army Number NA8209, meaning he is the 8209 officer to get presidential commissioning into our army

My father fought in Liberia, Sierra-lone, Bakassi, He was in chad/Niger/Nigeria borders before boko haram a crisis well foretold escalated

He fought to keep peace in Rivers State, Delta State as officer commanding the entire security architecture in both states at a time.

Before I forget, my father and your former God, Aregbe were friends in Victory college Ikare.

I can bet that the unfortunate man that donated your sperm never saw inside of a classroom.

Let me also inform you, my father has written two books on his sickbed, these books are currently sold in military institutions and our universities.



Kola Olabisi can you kindly tell us anyone that has ever written a book in your village, because I am fully aware nobody in your miserable family has ever written a pamphlet.” I have challenged the fool with accidental grey hair to produce the Profile of his father if ever had the opportunity of having any.


Sensing that the slave of epic proportion can’t trace his father, I also gave him a profile of Grandfather in case he wants to enlarge the coast of his finding.

“In case the idiot that told you the story didn't tell you completely.

My grandfather also fought in Burma during the world wars.

My grandfather was the first indigenous storekeeper at the University of Ibadan.

My grandfather was trained as a lawyer in England and called to the English bar.

My grandfather was called to the Nigerian Bar in the early sixties. As one of the earliest lawyers in Ijesa land.

My grandfather was the pioneer chairman Egbe Omo Oduduwa in Kano

I am sure your miserable grandfather never spoke English.”

Again I have challenged the disgraced former MD of Osun Defender to give us a profile of his Grandfather.

As for the part where Kola Olabisi suggested that I was jobless and unemployable, I would not respond to that because my media company greeninfo can never employ his type.

I am strongly against cyberbullying and shall continue looking out slaves like kola Olabisi to make examples of how not be a stupid elder.

I repeated all those slaves that supported all Aregbesola’s inadequacies and clapped for him till he got into perdition it will never be well with all of you. How can you as MD of Osun Defender support everything you condemn today? I understand Kola Olabisi have appointed himself media consultant to the current Osun State government. We need not go too far to understand why the governor is becoming increasingly unpopular despite his best efforts. With blockheads like kola Olabisi even Aristotle and Enstien will be misled and unpopular.

The current governor must avoid Kola Olabisi and his ilk like a plague, because it is only a matter of time either in 2022 or 2026 they sting him viler than they stinging their former God now.


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