Meet the CEO of Oluwaloninyo Limited, Olajumoke Alawode-James

18/01/2021 53 Views

By Afolabi Akinola.

A round of applause for this product of the prestigious university of first choice and the nation’s pride. A member of the Fourth Estate Of The Realm, Olajumoke Alawode-James.

Admirably elegant and scholarly, she is an embodiment of excellence with the gift of the gab and pen; with many  parts in creativity and industrious adventures. She is a woman of taste and standard without any spirit of immodestly.

Admirably affirming, over the years ‘Jumoke Alawode-James has carved a niche for herself in exchanging views on both national and international affairs. She, without being hyperbolic, made a brilliant outing in scholarship, on the famous “YOUR VIEW” programme on Television Continental.

 In addition to her involvement in the creative world of solution providing mechanisms, she has been making the brain and  beauty of women and the strength of great men of honour, to radiantly travel beyond the geographical location of their base for intercontinental endeavors, commendations and admiration in a lot of areas for those who think in WORDS, those who think in FIGURES and those who think in GRAPHICS; among others, to have a commercial value for talents.

Unmistakably eloquent, her taste for excellence is unparalleled by standards of international best practices in all ramifications!

Irrefutably commendable, your choice is her salivating taste in ensuring you get  your equivalent in compatibility and economic advantage delivery of choice of partner. She is professionally equipped to locate your choice in thought, vision and mission statement; for a beautifully accomplishing relationship. She is poised for excellence, in getting a choice not only for where you are now, but also a future fulfilling one.

Honestly incontestable, this brain and beauty is impressive in all encompassing ways of fecundity of imaginations

Ladies and gentlemen with a standing ovation, when you have gold why pursuing silver? ‘Jumoke Alawode-James has answers for what you think is difficult, but not impossible, if you are wise enough to contact her on @oluwaloninyo on Instagram, Twitter and her Facebook page (Olajumoke Alawode-James) and so on, to make your dream come to reality. 

Thank you all.

Yours sincerely,

CEO Oluwaloninyo Limited (Media & Events).

‘Jumoke Alawode-James.

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