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By Afolabi Akinola.

It is regrettably excruciating with a heavy heart committing my pen into a paper when the blood of protesting Nigerians are on our national flag.My condolences to the bereaved families in Nigeria state of emergency. The unfortunate killings yesterday at Lekki toll gate on Tuesday 20th, 2020 will forever remain a black day in the history of Nigeria. No blood of any Nigerians demanding for dividends of democracy and capital NO to unprofessional policing and brutality deserves to be painted with bullets guns on the national flag of Nigeria. This unfortunate development is regrettably an affirmation of democratic darkness that calls for global condemnation. The United Nations and other international agencies has labelled the giant of Africa a nation of insensitivity to the sanctity of human lives.

This is the first time in the history of this country that silence or procrastination of presidential speech has dealt a deadly blow to the agitation that could have been resolved with speeches that goes with action. Dangerously damning ,procrastination is not only a theft of time,it is an enemy of good result. Delay is not only dangerous but disastrous. There is power in tongue ,there is power in authored and uttered oratory of convincingly calculated speech, fully engulfed in encomium and the essence of our corporate co existence as a nation. The blood stains of Nigerians on our national flag is avoidable but the presidential procrastination and silence has prepared the script of conspiratorial actualization of destructive elements as weeds among plants of genuine protesters. Things has uncontrollably fallen apart.A presidential speech can no longer reverse destructions and the dead cannot come back to life again. My condolences to the bereaved families with flowing uncontrollably. The ink of my pen respectfully and painfully say good night to these victims in the hands of Nigeria Villains.

I am naturally never a lover of violence because violence begets violence. I am familiar with a saying that an hungry man is an angry man,an angry man is an unreasonable man,while an unreasonable man is a violent man.It is evidentially indisputable that the protest all over the country has gone beyond end SARS .The Nigeria National Anthem and the National flag for the first time becomes words and opposite in colour, content and in spirit. The WILL to survive in the face of unemployment, kidnapping, lack of infrastructural facilities ,epileptic power supply and skyrocketing power supply tariffs among others fuelled the wheels of anger ,frustration and provocations of Nigerians. These deficiencies of dividends of democracy is one of the many instrumental factors of the wild cacophony and the challenges of controlling people even in curfew. Law and order has been handcuffed because there is so much poverty in the land.

Yes, I agree there are pains everywhere but as a Nigerian in Nigeria we do not have any other country to go.Destroying properties, burning police stations, cars, houses ,Banks and sadly media houses like Television continental( TVC )is not the best option for addressing Nigeria problems. In this condemnable act ,more Nigerians are sent once again to labour market. Any agitation that reduces wisdom to nothing has further murder the struggle of our forefathers and heroes of democracy who paid supreme price for the democracy we have today.Some have seen this as avenue to settle political scores.The owners of the means of production will survive because they have insured their companies but what of Nigerians working in those places.The Nigeria youth should also know there are conspiracy against Nigeria and their protest by some instrumental youth working against the genuine intentions and dividends of their agitation. Countries that has destroyed themselves as a result of war has never come back to normal. Somalia, Syria,Liberia among others. Honestly the giant of Africa is on trial.

Summarily pedagogical, the blood on our national flag is avoidable if we embrace dialogue in our agitation. We cannot forever remain in the street burning and destroying properties and ignore round table discussion. Points have been made,lives and properties lost.We survived civil war with pains of the past embarking on total collapse of Nigeria by Nigerians is a negation of our independence and pouring urine and consciously dancing in shame on the grave of our nationalists and heroes of Nigeria independence. Nigeria has history of struggle and it would be unforgivably documented if our national flag and Nigeria is buried with needless blood stains in our agitation for nation building. I appeal to all Nigerians and the youth to see beyond now. We have no other country. I also crave the indulgence of our president ,Muhammadu Buhari to speak to Nigerians however belated to avoid more blood stains on our national flag. Procrastination is a theft of time. A stitch in time prevent danger and essentially concluding his voice is a connecting bond between the sovereignty of the masses and Aso Rock Villa within and on satellite beyond the shore of Nigeria.

Yours sincerely,

Afolabi Akinola

Chairman, Lagos State Chapter of Nigerian American Group for Democratic Support NAGDS.

I can be reached @ and via watzapp 08034434757



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