The Beauty Of Scholarly Cabinet Members To Good Governance

02/04/2021 76 Views

By Afolabi Akinola.

It is subject of intellectual and democratic reference that nobody has monopoly of wisdom. Knowledge is also not gained by intuition, we are all borrowers of individual thoughts, of ideas.One of the indices of successful leadership mirroring standard is the quality, sincerity, creativity and superiority of fecundity of imaginations demanded of political appointees in the corridor of power. To be honest ,show me the standard of your cabinet members I will tell you who you are.

Evidently conspicuous in both Religion, the Prophet has disciples. The Creator of the Created being has Angels and Prophet that takes directives .The essence is to establish chains of command and set goals for accomplishments of missions.

The irony of governance today in our Democratic experiment is the misplacement of priorities of competent and effective political appointees to objectively and beautifully assist in piloting political affairs. SLOTS has terribly replaced professionalism and standard, therefore, we are confronted with FILL in the gap but the input answers are anticlockwise to locomotion of good government. No Leaders sees it or know it all. It is a plus to have appointees with good sense of judgment and a complete round peg in the round hole.The theory of division of labour and specialization with reference to Economics is a syllogistic oratory to excellence.

Honestly informative, psychopathic appointees and advisers has misled a great number of leaders to success ILLUSION and create a wrong information and representation between the governed and the government.

A leader needs a genuine think thank.A leader needs to compare note and be extremely tactical. LOYALTY PLUS COMPETENCE is essential. In the theory of TEAM all players must be on the same page of effectiveness in excellence. Sentimental appointment is equal to accidental delivery of dividends of democracy.

I humbly crave the indulgence of our leaders in power to take a look at policy formation and measure the standard of portfolio assigned to competence and efficiency of services. Unless and until the right thing is done ,scorecards of dividends of democracy will permanently be cosmetic. Thank you all.

Yours sincerely,

Afolabi Akinola.

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