The Incomprehensibility Of Non Fulfilment Of Campaign Promises in Nigeria

27/02/2021 61 Views

By Afolabi Akinola

Sovereignty has been politically labelled as power that belongs to the people. The convincing and legitimate constitutional power that belongs to the people by their vote signature tune to ring bell of exit for any leader consider unfit to rule and ensure continuity or otherwise for a leader to pilot the affairs of government by pronouncements of the power of ballot box. This power becomes cajoled after misleading oratory of campaign promises has been ignored while in power by the government against the governed.

A friend in power is a friend lost as expressed in the various symptoms of those in power by various authorities. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely. It takes the Grace of God especially in Nigeria and African continent for anyone to be in power and not misbehave. The electorates and people generally has been serially deceived of better life before assumption of power by many politicians ,majority of them eat corns and be on Motorbike to identify with the hungry Masses in deception of extracting their franchise with false campaign promises that becomes an illusion in theory and practice once they are in power.Some will go to the extent of changing habitat, friends,phone numbers and become incommunicado until few weeks to another election.

The masses have repeatedly fail the electoral examination to effect a change genuinely although with few exceptions ,due to stomach infrastructure and inability to sacrifice and defend posterity with temporary pains.Immediacy of reward programmed in ensuring life slavery has been planted by politicians as a bait in Nigeria and this has been repeatedly demonstrated unchallenged because the PVC has been infected with hunger and uncertainty. There is a wide margin between HUNGER AND FASTING.

Three basic necessities of life FOOD, SHELTER and CLOTHING has been severely injured by misplacement of priorities by leaders in Nigeria. There are exceptions, but the exception has been highly infinitesimal to be noticed by all standard. The Animal farm Nigeria has made some to be more equal than others.

The level of insecurity in our country is a subject of global references. Conspiratorial commercialisation of insecurity is the richest venture in our society today.kidnapping, banditry and other absurdities has been fully commercialized incomprehensibly in the Animal farm of our dear Nation. It will take a real fire to make a pure gold.Sadly inexcusable, when you stay so long in darkness you will begin to see in darkness. Oh ! Giant of Africa on trial !

Irrefutably affirming, power belongs to the people. A mistake made twice is a decision. A leader who is on holiday at the moment at any level of governance should be marked for political fumigation out power during elections ,having failed to deliver dividend of democracy.

In View of the above, the incomprehensibility of marrying campaign promises with the dividends of democracy has serially betrayed the definition of democracy as expressed by Abraham Lincoln in Nigeria contextual political experiment. We have been consistently deceived that Ice Water can be convincingly sold in the cold weather.Voters education is required. Sensitivity of awareness campaign is a must with statistics to dislodge the PVC purchase cabal to effect a new dawn. A mistake made twice is a decision. Nigerians should say no to those whose dividend of democracy score cards can stand the test of verifiable documentation of campaign promises to reality of delivery.

Power belongs to the people but the people in question must not swallow misleading oratory endlessly ad infinitum.

Yours sincerely,

Afolabi Akinola
University of Lagos.

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