The Youth And Permanent Voters Card In Nigeria - A Case Study Of Mental Infrastructure

28/12/2020 69 Views

By Afolabi Akinola.

The peculiarities of Nigeria Youth cries to heaven. The most important stage of human existence when energies are enormous. The potency of mental capacity and physical strength is at best is confronted with the most unscholarly scale of preference. Priorities are completely misplaced. Wait a minute, I'm not in anyway a judge in this case, am vertically and horizontally a product of parents of humble means. This is also to remind all readers of this  message that I was not born with  a silver spoon. I was born in Ipetu Ijesa I engaged in virtually what every age grade of my background does. No textbooks except big notes, engaged in labour services, went to farm several kilometers away from home and attended Ipetu Ijesa Grammar school like everyone.

Interestingly important, the only thing I did was to choose my friends, established a focus and resilience to somewhere good, however cloudy the weather is I am of the view that nothing can stop the sun from shinning.The youth today wants quick money, find it difficult to read and less careful in choosing company of friends. To make it worst, they are fully prepared to work for politicians as thugs, not for cerebral consultancy. No define place of work. The young girls are even more vulnerable, because of poorer focus and ambition, accidental pregnancy for a clueless person is sadly at alarming rate. I  am a product of rural environment and I speak my dialect fluently more than permanent resident, this informed the originality of my observation and submission. 

It must be established that if care is not taken, a clever politician will make use of idle mind as raw materials to achieve his aims and objectives.   We voted in our destinies not with guns on our head but with all our sense organs working perfectly because of stomach infrastructure. We prioritize stomach infrastructure over mental infrastructure.. This  electoral cultural abnormalities ,absurdities and irrational tendencies must be corrected for growth and development to be embedded in our country by our electorates.

Irrefutably asserting,globally development is an all encompassing and combination of several endowment. We must block all parasitic loopholes for greater heights and be innovative with our mind and franchise. The power to effect a change is dependent on our Permanent Voters Card as a youth.. The coronavirus global problems exposed our weaknesses in our dear nation.. We are at the mercies of every carrot dangled because we have no defence. We are presently embarrassingly defenceless to the extent that any banana send at us will be rushed at. Hunger and fasting are not the same. So sad!  Indeed so sad! We should hold ourselves responsible for our present predicament of infrastructural and political economic deficiencies and self engineered slavery.

In view of my observation, I am  compelled to write based on instincts because I had  ignored and stomach a lot in this excruciating moments by the virtue of ethical standards of journalism to the call of nativity. Unless the youth understands the potency of who they are and the  power of their population especially in Nigeria, our journey is still very far.

Importantly notifying, The elites are equally not on the same page. Although sad enough, we have experimented our elected leaders at the helms of affairs in the past, the results has been politically devastating.This is naturally demoralizing looking for internal Angels requires a lot of wisdom microscopic lens. No single motion known to record has ever been moved both at state and federal house of representatives that reflect the pains of the downtroddens and disadvantaged.. Our best eleven has never been tested and many are not interested in politics.. We have a  nature of being invincible and power drunk naturally when in power.

In the spirit of democracy, the Youth will only be liberated if hard work is on priority list and refuses as a matter of sacrifice to eats crumbs from the masters table. Study hard. Work hard. No royal roads to success. I am an optimistic realist. The youth should not waste their time so as not to be wasted by time. MAN IS THE ARCHITECT OF HIS OWN DESTINY. Unless the right thing is done by the youth the right thing can hardly be achieved. Is either you are thinking in words. Is either you are in thinking figures or you are thinking in graphics or other attributes of natural endowment. You cannot sit on the fence in the journey of life, remember you will be a parent tommorow. Nobody is growing younger.

The youth must instructively know that,the journey of a  million years begins with good steps as foundation. Humble background is not a brick wall or an obstacle to success because necessities throughout history is the mother of inventions. Shine your brains before yours eyes. Kindly maintain social distancing and stay safe in this world most excruciating search for medical solutions for both coronavirus and hunger virus globally.Be innovative and creatively determine as we move on to 2021.


Yours sincerely 

Afolabi Akinola 

University of Lagos

He can be reached at or via watzapp 08034434757

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