There Are 6 million Ammunition In Circulation In Nigeria- Abdulsalami

08/04/2021 56 Views

There are over 6 million ammunitions in illegal circulation in Nigeria, the former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, rtd., has said.

The ex-Nigerian military leader also said the insecurity ravaging the country has so far claimed over 80,000 lives, expressing concern that the proliferation of all calibre of weapons in the country may tear the country apart unless the situation was arrested urgently.

Abubakar regretted that the number of weapons has heightened insecurity in the country and led to over 80,000 deaths and close to 3 million Internally Displaced Persons,IDPs in the country. The National Peace Commitee, NPC Chairman, spoke at a dialogue session of the committee with key stakeholders in Abuja, Wednesday.

” The proliferation of all calibre of weapons not only in our sub-region in general and in Nigeria in particular is worrying. It is estimated that there are over 6 million of such weapons in circulation in the country.

This certainly exacerbated the insecurity that led to over 80,000 deaths and close to 3 million internally displaced persons”,he said.

The ex-military Head of State also gave an assessment of the security situation, saying that the security forces are not just over stretched but under strength and funded. According to him, “The security agencies can perform better with more sophisticated weapons, equipment and more funding.”

“We believe Nigeria must find a way out of these problems. Our hope is that perhaps among us, by listening to your different perspectives, we can begin to build up confidence among our people so that we can hold together. So our hope is that we shall not only share our collective lamentations about the current situation, bit propose some concrete suggestions that can point the way forward, suggestions that can inspire more confidence among our people and ensure that our country remains one,” he said.

He said the challenges facing the country is not only a security issue in the narrow sense of the military definition but that it has assumed an all encompassing nature.

He listed these challenges to include, the Boko Haram insurgency, Banditry, kidnapping, increasing poverty, the calls for balkanization of the country from different quarters, the threat of hunger arising from insecurity that farmers have faced and continue to face, the increasing sense of collective despair and despondency among the populace.

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