YOUR WHOLE BODY IS A MOPSTICK!!!!!! _ Erica to Laycon

06/09/2020 127 Views

By Tinuola Olaniyi Odina


It was another episode of drama in Big Brother Lockdown house. Erica gave us a dose of it. What started as a fun Saturday night party ended up in another drama. The drama started with Erica asking Nengi during the party what she had with Kidwayya her love interest probably seeing how they were dancing together . Nengi says she knew before Kidwayya  before the show and if she wanted him she would have gone for him.

After the party Erica goes to meet with Laycon to talk about the question Ebuka had asked him on Sunday. (On Sunday Ebuka had asked Laycon about him telling other housemates that Erica had tried to kiss him on several occasions). Laycon didn't want to talk about it because Erica was drunk. 

Erica already infuriated started calling Laycon drumstick, MOPSTICK, ugly, and unattractive. Despite the efforts from other housemates to calm her down Erica would not hear of it. All through Laycon remained calm and even told Kidwayya to talk to her so that she doesn't earn herself another strike. 

Erica didn't stop only at Laycon she went for Prince too and called him two sided. Prince had tried to make sure there was peace between her and Laycon his reasons being that both were his friends and it would be unfair to support one and leave the other. Erica poured cold water on Prince's side of the bed. She denied him from sleeping in the Head of House room and regretted choosing him as her Deputy. 

Our question is will Biggie give Erica another strike? She had earned herself in the previous week two strikes because of breaking the house rules. The third strike could be disqualification. Erica doesn't seem to mind because it seems her mind has been made up. She tells Tricky Tee and Kidwayya that she is tired already and she wants to go home


Then there is Vee and NEO, what's happening with those two? 


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